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Knights of Columbus
Pavia Council #48, Bethel, Connecticut, Founded 1888

Pavia Council Awards Gallery

Pavia Council has garnered many awards during its long history.  We're beginning a project to image the awards that we can locate; those images will be posted to this hall of fame as they become available.

Star Council - The Star Council Award is the Order's top honor.  The Star Council Award recognizes excellence in volunteer fraternal and charitable activities, membership recruitment and insurance promotion.  To qualify as a Star Council, a Council must meet the requirements of the Columbian Award, Father McGivney Award and Founder's Award.

Columbian Award - The Columbian Award is presented for excellence in volunteer fraternal and charitable activities.  To qualify, a Council must conduct at least 20 different volunteer charitable and fraternal programs four each in the five categories of Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth activities.

Father McGivney Award - the Father McGivney Award is presented to Councils that meet their membership quota as set by the Supreme Council office.

Founders' Award - the Founders' Award is presented to Councils that meet their insurance member quota as set by the Supreme Council office.

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Columbian Award
Pavia_star_01-02.jpg (189589 bytes)

* Star Council *

2000-01 Columbian.jpg (297596 bytes)

Columbian Award

McGivney-Columbian 99-00.jpg (316449 bytes)

Columbian Award
Father McGivney Award

Founders 97-98.jpg (387684 bytes)

Founders' Award

McGivney 96-97.jpg (430095 bytes)

Father McGivney Award

McGivney 90-91.jpg (48802 bytes)

Father McGivney Award

McGivney-Founders 89-90.jpg (60248 bytes)

Founders Award
Father McGivney Award

Star 88-89.jpg (127931 bytes)

* Star Council *

Council of year.jpg (100895 bytes)

CT Council of the Year

Youth 88-89.jpg (499202 bytes)

Youth Activity Award

Star 53.jpg (133913 bytes)

* Star Council *


Centennial Celebration - 1988

100 year plaque.jpg (131759 bytes)

Plaque issued by CT State Council November 14, 1988; awarded by CT State Deputy Peter L. Balestracci

100 year cert.jpg (145067 bytes)

Certificate issued by Supreme Council November 14, 1988; signed by Supreme Knight Virgil C. Dechant

Proclamation.jpg (134953 bytes)

First Selectman Clifford J. Hurgin proclaims November 11, 1988 "Pavia Council No. 48 Day".  The proclamation is witnessed by J. Philip Gallagher.


St Mary Church, Bethel, CT

St Mary Church, Bethel CT

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