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Knights of Columbus
Pavia Council #48, Bethel, Connecticut, Founded 1888

2001 Free Throw Contest

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Nasty weather kept the attendance lighter than usual at Pavia Council's annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship - but that didn't put a stop to the competition!
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Local Winners

Age Division

10 Years Old   Bray Ferguson
11 Years Old Chris Carillo  
12 Years Old Will Ferguson Keegan Hackman
13 Years Old Brett Waterman Bethany DiMarzio
14 Years Old Bobby Plumb Kelley Fitzgerald

District Competition

Council level champions earn the right to compete in the district competition.  The District competition includes the winners from three other local Councils - New Milford, Brookfield and Ridgefield.

Regional Competition

Winners of the District competition continue on to the regionals ...

State Competition

... and Regional winners will continue to participate in the State competition.


St Mary Church, Bethel, CT

St Mary Church, Bethel CT

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