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Knights of Columbus
Pavia Council #48, Bethel, Connecticut, Founded 1888

2005 Free Throw Contest

Local Winners

Age Division

10 Years Old
1st: Brian Walters
2nd: James Jerolimo
3rd: Kenny Decker
1st: Autumn Sorice
2nd: Amanda Conray
3rd: Casey Oberhammer
11 Years Old
1st: Ryan Conroy
2nd: Paul Anderson
3rd: Kyle Schlogl
1st: Shelby Reeves
2nd: Georgia Ferguson
3rd: Meghan Sheehan
12 Years Old
1st: Jack Dolan
2nd: Jesse Frawley
3rd: Stephan Manuzella
1st: Danielle Scolpino
2nd: Sara Parkhurst
3rd: Samantha Davenport
13 Years Old
1st: Nicholas Steinerd
2nd: Chris Glahn
3rd: Josh Glahn
1st: Erin Oberhammer
2nd: Kelsey Raymond
14 Years Old
1st: Bray Ferguson
2nd: Kristina Kindya

District Competition

Regional Competition

State Competition


St Mary Church, Bethel, CT

St Mary Church, Bethel CT

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