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Knights of Columbus
Pavia Council #48, Bethel, Connecticut, Founded 1888

1998 Vocations Poster Contest

There were 154 posters entered in the 1998 contest. The Knights of Columbus gratefully acknowledge the support and participation of the faculty of St. Mary School and the instructors of St. Mary’s Religious Education Program. The success of this project is due to that support.

Two St. Mary School students won First Place in state level contest!  Brendan Deveney for grades 1 & 2, and Eric Reilly for Grades 5 & 6.

Group I (grades 1 & 2)

Group 1 1st Group 1 2nd Group 1 3rd
Brendan Deveney
First Place
Fiona Raso
Second Place
Peter Raso
Third Place

Group II (grades 3 & 4)

Group 2 1st Group 2 2nd Group 2 3rd
Brendan Kelleher
First Place
Abigail Becher
Second Place
Kathryn Ebert
Third Place

Group III (grades 5 & 6)

Group 3 1st Group 3 2nd Group 3 3rd
Eric Reilly
First Place
Meghan McCormick
Second Place
Greg Dierks
Third Place

Group IV (grades 7 & 8)

Group 4 1st Group 4 2nd Group 4 3rd
Tracie Kennedy
First Place
Colleen Tarsi
Second Place
Matthew Chmielowiec
Third Place


St Mary Church, Bethel, CT

St Mary Church, Bethel CT

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