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Knights of Columbus
Pavia Council #48, Bethel, Connecticut, Founded 1888

Catholic Families of the Month

2003-04 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 2004: the Jerolimo Family

May 2004 Higgins Family
April 2004 Liquori Family
March 2004 Lavoie Family
February 2004 Granacker Family
January 2004 Jerolimo Family
December 2003 Walsh Family
November 2003 O'Leary Family
October 2003 Catalano Family

2002-03 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 2003: the Schlemmer Family

June 2003 Granacker Family
March 2003 Holmes Family
December 2002 Parsons Family
October 2002 Jerolimo Family
September 2002 Kallberg Family

2000-01 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 2001: the Wojnicki Family

September 2001 Schlemmer Family
June 2001 LaVoie Family
May 2001 Hurgin Family
April 2001 DeMarco Family
March 2001 Wojnicki Family
February 2001 Olive Family
January 2001 Shean Family
December 2000 Kallberg Family
October 2000 Catalano Family

1999-00 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 2000: the Buzak Family

June 2000 Buzak Family
May 2000 Parsons Family
April 2000 Walsh Family
March 2000 Buzak Family
February 2000 Amend Family
January 2000 Grunert Family
December 1999 Cecera Family
November 1999 Geoghegan Family
October 1999 Kallberg Family
September 1999 Schlemer Family

1998-99 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 1999: the Parsons Family

August 1999 Grosshart Family  
July 1999 Lamontagne Family  
February 1999 Hurgin Family Leonard and Dorothy
January 1999 Granacker Family Richard, Mary Anne
October 1998 DiMarzio Family Paul, Linda, Bethany, Amanda, Christina
September 1998 Pijnenburg Family David and Sharon

1997-98 Fraternal Year

Catholic Family of 1998: the LaBua Family

May 1998 Gribbin Family Mike, Kathy
April 1998 Raabe Family Tom, Renee, Chris, David, Mark
March 1998 Shean Family Don, Pat
February 1998 Santarelli Family Nick, AnnMarie, Christine, Nick, Catherine
January 1998 Oles Family Mike, Cathy
December 1997 MacGregor Family Tom, Linda, Kiri Lyn
November 1997 Kozlowski Family Bob, Claudia, Stephanie, Mary, Michael
October 1997 Mobius Family Miles, Liz, Melissa, Meredith
September 1997 LaBua Family Fred, Vera, Elizabeth

St Mary Church, Bethel, CT

St Mary Church, Bethel CT

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